Privacy Policy and Disclaims Notes

Privacy Policy and Disclaims Notes


Holistic Health Distribution is a company, dedicate to elaborate packets with naturals supplements, electronics and others; to help in the recovery of health of various health conditions. Those packets and products are selling on internet also by third parts companies with the only commitment of boost sales and promote the products.


All products offers by Holistic Health Distribution are responsible of each manufactory company which elaborates each product.  Holistic Health Distribution just offers those products for sell and distributed. Every third manufactory company is responsible of its own products. Every buyer is responsible to check for guides of use, manuals or disclaimer notes, included into every packet made available from each manufactory company. We recommend read carefully every note or manual. All products recommended for Holistic Health Distribution is chosen because quality and accessibly specially, to be 100% Natural in the case of the natural supplements. The list of products show up in the web page, might be change suddenly  without any advice, for manufactory companies availability or others causes out of control of Holistic Health Distribution.


Holistic Health Distribution, accept mayor credit cards; the way that Holistic Health Distribution use to receive any payment is by PayPal  ( PayPal Holding Inc.) and its own security transactions policy (take a look of PayPal Security Policy Transactions). Payments will be processed only in the account under name of “Wow Business Online” and only that account. If any transaction is realized on benefit of other second part or unknowns and unauthorized institution’s account; shipping or returns transactions doesn’t apply and Wow Business Online,  or Holistic Health Distribution are not responsible about that transactions. Wow Business Online is the company which involves the follow companies mentioned in this statement: Holistic Health Distribution and Other companies which mentioning products or services offer by Holistic Health Distribution; or Wow Business Online, has the only commitment of boost our products, services and sales.


Holistic Health Distribution, state a mandatory subscription for any who wants to acquire the Basic Packet (Clinic at Home), for keep in our records of customers who use our Basic Packet (Clinic at Home), and we would send any information about our Basic Packet (Clinic at Home). We don’t share our customer’s information with any third parts or law enforcement institution, to care about privacy of our customers.


Our labor consist in bringing together the best products on the market and offer to the public, sales and distributed through thirds  delivery companies, to help people to recovery their well standing health. We keep making research on new and best products in the market to provide quality to ur customers.


Must of the natural supplements offers by Holistic Health Distribution has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and are responsibly of the manufacturer company. All electronics instruments and other items offer by Holistic Health Distribution on sale, has the manufacturer warranty and responsibility (check every manual and guide provide into each Basic Packet (Clinic at Home)

September, 2017