Designed to improve sexual, physical and mental performance however has other benefits to the human body that help rejuvenate the patient improving their quality of life. In addition to improving the peripheral and central circulation, improves the micro-circulation which in turn prevents us from a heart attack or other circulatory problem, improves cerebral oxygenation, prevents prostatic hypertrophy or prostate size, improves hormone levels. indicated for people 18 years and over, men and women.
In women, helps your body recover the energy lost during the physical or mental effort made during the day; motivates to clear stress levels and obtain better rest. During the menstrual period, it relieves the symptoms of weakness, fatigue and accelerates the absorption of the nutrients obtained in the diet. In physical exercises, allow the fulfillment of routines with greater ease, seeking better results.
In men, take it after breakfast and before starting work, will allow you to develop your work with energy; taking it an hour before each sexual act, will allow you to enjoy pleasantly a long period of pleasure with vigor and strength.
Teenagers at school, consuming it during test periods will provide spectacular performance motivating development and mental alertness.
Sportsmen, allows them a muscular development without discomfort during their practices. Taking it an hour before each game will give you a better performance and without the worry of failing at the time of the anti-doping test as it does not contain substances prohibited by the institutions that govern the competitions and because it is 100% natural


  • Ginseng
  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Daminan